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 Lock Hole Copy Router

-It is composed of  three-hole drill and copy-routing mill

-It can process various kind of holes, grooves and water slots 

-Adjusting parts are on top of machine for easy access

-Changeable copying plates for different holes and grooves

-Power 220 volt 60 HZ

Lock Hole Processing Machine LZF3-300100A

Priced at only $8.480.00 or lease for $ 195.00 PM oac

End Milling Machine

-Will process various profiles

-accurate end cuts of mulling extrusions

-Worktable can be adjusted vertically to make it suitable for different profiles

-Power requirements 220 volt 60HZ

-Motor rotation speed

– minus 65 degrees to plus 65 degrees

End-milling Machine LXD-200

 Priced at only $ 8,350.00  or lease for only $ 190.00 PM oac