Single Mitre Saw 

-Cuts PVC and aluminum profiles

-Has wobble feeding and pneumatic drive

-Very accurate, efficient and easy to operate

-220 V 3 Ph 60 Hz

-Cutting width 7″ ,  Cutting height 4″

single head cutting machine LJD01

Price $7,990.  Lease for $185. PM oac

LJB2 Double Mitre Saw

-Cuts angle from 45 degrees to 90 degrees

-Will cut aluminum or PVC profiles

-Has wobble feed  and pneumatic drive

-Right head has linear guide for accuracy and smooth cutting

-Cutting width 7″ and cutting height 4″

-Cutting length 17.75″ to 138″

-220 Volt  3 phase 60 Hz

Double mitre saw model 3500 02A

Price $ 11,520.  Lease for $ 260. PM oac

LJZ2 Double Mitre Saw

-Cut angles from 45 degrees to 90 degrees

-Excellent for cutting PVC and aluminum 

-Has pneumatic drive and linear guide feeding

-Very accurate, efficient easy to use and has built in safety features

-220 V  3 phase 60 Hz

-Cutting length 14″ to 142″

-Cutting height 4″ and cutting width 7″

Double mitre saw model 3500 02A

Price $13,440.  Lease for $300 PM oac

End Milling Machine

-Used for processing various mullions

-Work table adjusts vertically for different profiles

-220 V  3 Phase  60Hz

-Milling angle from -65 degrees to + 65 degrees

-Maximum milling range  7 7/8″ X 1  5/8″  X  3″

-Milling Cutter Diameter 4.5″ to 7  7/8″

End-milling Machine LXD-200

Price  $6,990.  Lease for $160. PM oac

Two Axis Water Slot Router

-For processing all types of water drain slots and balancer mounting holes

-Head is adjustable for different profiles

-Drilling and milling can be completed automatically at the same time

-220 V 60 Hz

-Maximum milling length 2″ and Maximum depth  1  5/8″

-Cutter head diameter 4 mm and 5 mm

Two axis water slot machine mode SCX02-2-50

Price $8,160. or lease for $185. PM oac

Lock Hole Copy Router

-Has 3 hole drill and copy-routing mill

-Can process various kinds of holes, groves and water slots for Aluminum and PVC

-Adjusting parts change to top of machine for easy adjusting

-You can use various changeable copy plates with different holes and grooves

-22o V 3 Phase  60 Hz
-Cutter diameter 5 mm to 8 mm

– Copy router cutting range is from 11 7/8″ X 4″

Lock Hole Processing Machine LZF3-300100A

Price $8,350.  Lease for $190. PM oac