• Excellent for special shape windows and doors.  Welding action controlled by PLC.  30 degree’s to 180 degrees.  Power: 220 Volt 3 phase.  Welding Height: up to 6 1/4".  Welding width: 3/4" to 4 3/4".

    Lease for only $209

  • Suitable to weld both Vinyl windows and doors.  CM oil-less Bearings. PLC control system. Very accurate and efficient.  Power: 220 V 60 Hz 3 Phase.  Welding length: 15 3/4" to 138".  Welding height: 3/4" to 4 3/4"

    Lease for only $295

  • LM linear bearing.  Excellent for PVC windows and doors.  Can do shapes and mullions.  PLC Control System.  Very accurate and efficient.  Power: 220 Volt  60 Hz  3 Phase.  Welding Length:  15 3/4" to 142".  Welding height:  3/4"  to  4 3/4"

    Lease for only $350

  • Model SHWA2.  This welder is designed for colored, co-extrusion and sprayed vinyl extrusions. The welding slag is immediately cut  away by cutters installed on the clamping  devices. Leaves only a hair crack of less than .002mm.  It can process a variety of shapes.  Has JDB solid oil less bearings and LM linear guide.  Comes with PLC Control system. Very accurate and efficient.  Power: 220 Volt  3 phase 60 Hz.  Welding length 15  3/4" to 142", with welding height of 3/4" to 4  3/4".

    Lease for $ 630

  • Solid frame construction.  Feeding system adopts linear guide pair for high accuracy and smooth operation. Common profile fixtures along with the welder can meet various height profiles. Back plate are easy to change. Two clamping boards feed symmetrically resulting in parallel welding and increased weld strength.  High quality computer control system for precision welding and ease of operation.  Power: 220 Volt 60 Hz  3 phase.  Welding height: 1" to 6".  Welding width" 5.5".  Welding range 16" X 16" to 76" X 118"

    Lease for $830

  • Solid frame construction.  Automatically returns to original position for ease of operation. Feeding system adopts linear guide pair.  Size tolerance compensation is available for increased welding precision. Length locator is by means of a ball screw system for high accuracy.  Power:  220 Volt  3 phase 60 Hz. Welding height: 1"  to 5  7/8".  Welding width: up to 5 1/2".  Welding range: 15 3/4" X 15 3/4" X 71" X 118".

    Lease for $1,177.