• Composed of  a three-hole drill and copy-routing mill.   Processes various kind of holes, grooves and water slots.  Adjusting parts on top of machine for easy access.  Changeable copying plates for different holes and grooves. Power: 220 Volt 60 Hz.

    Lease for $ 195.00

  • Processes various profiles.  Accurate end cuts of mulling extrusions. Worktable can be adjusted vertically to make it suitable for different profiles.  Power requirements: 220 Volt 60 Hz. Motor rotation speed.  Minus 65 degrees to plus 65 degrees.

    Lease for only $ 190.00

  • In good condition when taken from service.  Model DC-12-P.  Serial Number  179979

  • –Uses heated air to soften the profile to make it easy to bend -The air is heated by lights and the profile is heated in the air -Makes bending of profile easy and accurate for a variety of curved shapes -It includes the working table,the heating device and the shape forming clamps – arch radius 19.5" to 71" with different shape forming bands -Total power: 12 KW