• Machine adopted Delta server and advanced LCD touch Screen.  Operating without professionals.  Operators can grasp operation and programming in a short time. Uses the worlds most advanced touch interface.  Operating screen is used for long service life.  Can clean multi-shaped welding seams, clean the up/ bottom, and the outside vertical service etc. at the same time. Can store hundreds of programs, fit for various profile processing. User friendly.  Power: 220 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 phase power.

    Lease for only $ 440

  • Can clean Corner Seam welding tumor on top, bottom and vertical surfaces.  By changing different formed cutters it can clean welding seam of different profiles.  It features Program control, Pneumatic drive and floating modulated pressure pulling cutter devices. Machine is suitable for different levels of profiles.  Power: 220 Volt,  3 phase, 60 Hz.  Processing width: 1 1/8" to 4.4". Processing profile height: 1 1/8" to 4  3/4"

    Leasing available at $220

  • Hand units designed for use on Vinyl windows and doors.  3 Models:
    1. Surface corner cleaner
    2. External Corner Cleaner
    3. Internal Corner Cleaner
    Air operated.  Hand speed control.

    Special - buy all three models for only $799.00

  • Uses heated air to soften the profile to make it easy to bend.  The air is heated by lights and the profile is heated in the air. Makes bending of profile easy and accurate for a variety of curved shapes.  It includes the working table,the heating device and the shape forming clamps.  Arch radius  19.5" to 71" with different shape forming bands.  Total power: 12 KW.

    Or lease for only $499