• Sale!
    Stainless Steel Vertical Glass washer.  60" Vertical open top.  Stainless steel in wet area and powder coated steel in the balance.  Has Low e brushes. Heated wash tank with adjustable temperature.  Dries glass quickly.

    Lease @ $ 586.

  • Low E edge deletion table.  Size: approximately 80" X 44".  Deletion width is 15mm or .59".  Excellent value.

    Lease for $205.

  • Arch Window Machine for PVC Profile.  Designed to bend vinyl extrusions. Uses heating oil to soften PVC Profile.  Soften the profile to make the arch shape you require. Easy to operate, high working efficiency and reliable performance.  Power: input voltage 220 Volt 60 Hz.  Input power: 12 KW.  Arc radius 500mm to 1800mm.  Heating temp 90 to 130.

    Lease for $340

    Ask about custom snakes for your extrusions: $725.00 per set
  • Cold Press

    Cold Press. Power: 220 Volt, 3 phase, 60 cycles. Process width up to 60".  Available in 72" and 84" at additional cost. Up to 1 9/16" thickness. Glass feed speed: 40"-200" per minute. Overall dimensions 71" X 79" X 47"

    Lease for $ 280

  • Brand New PIB Extruder.  Used for putting butyl sealant on both sides of Aluminum Spacer Bar.  Applies coating on both straight line and arch shaped spacer bar.  Auto control of sealant temperature.  PLC Control.  Spacer width: 1/4" to 11/16".

    Lease for $395.

  • New Machine! Heated Roller Press. 5 roller heated press. Variety of air spaces with one simple adjustment.  Save 50% and more on your sealed unit costs.  Very low capital start up costs. Very clean and easy to operate.  Pass through system.  Made for American Equipment.  Glass Size: up to 84" X 120".

    Lease for $377

  • Control system is manufactured by Siemens. The sensor on the ruler automatically starts the drive motor. Has manual and automatic system. Holds two job patterns. Easy to operate. Power: 220 Volt 60 Hz.  Dimensions: 150" X 47" X 75".

    Lease for $395

  • PLC automatic control, feeding, positioning, bending, and cutting are all completed at one time. Auto feeding system.  Auto cutting system. Automatic aluminum spacer bar corner. Able to make many shapes like square, rectangle, circle, trapezoidal , arch, polygonal, etc. Everything is done on the touch screen except start and stop.  Processing speed adjusts automatically based on the size.  Easy to operate and program.  Power:220 Volt  3 phase.  Min size: 11" X  11".  Max Size: 80" X 80".  Spacer bar size from 1/4" to 1".

    Leasing Available

  • Rotating table for sealing I.G. Units.  Supporting arms can be adjusted to glass size.  Large vacuum cup to hold glass while sealing.  Foot switch controls the lifting of glass. Foot switch to control 0-90 degree rotating of glass.  Ease of operation and efficient to use.  New Machine!
  • Machine installs Hot Melt Butyl on both sides of Aluminum spacer.  Capable of coating for both straight line and arch shapes.  Automatic control of sealant temperature.  Hydraulic accumulator system controls pressure for coating, making system more stable and extending life of machine.  Adjustable coating speed is from 26 – 124 feet per minute.

    Leasing Available

  • Cuts PVC and aluminum profiles.  Has wobble feeding and pneumatic drive.  Accurate, efficient and easy to operate.  Power: 220 Volt 3 Phase 60 Hz.  Cutting width 7" ,  Cutting height 4".

    Lease for $185

  • Cuts angles from 45 degrees to 90 degrees.  Will cut aluminum or PVC profiles.  Has wobble feed  and pneumatic drive.  Right head has linear guide for accuracy and smooth cutting.  Power: 220 Volt  3 phase 60 Hz.  Cutting width: 7".  Cutting height: 4".  Cutting  length: 17.75" to 138".

    Lease for $ 260