Insulated glass systems

//Insulated glass systems
  • Automatic Insulated Glass Lines

    Great for Dura Seal units and metal spacer units.  Reduce labor costs.  Compatible with double or triple pane insulated glass units.  Double glass machine and dryer unit with highly automated level fully controlled by PLC System.  Touch free interface.  Automatically distinguish the film of LOW-E glass and Coated glass.  Glass washing and drying section made of 304# stainless steel, has 6 brushes, Stainless steel and tempered door for easy inspection of washer operation.  Heating system for water and also dryer air.  External marrying system are 2 wheels and controlled by Airtac cylinder so they can push the pieces of glass tightly together. Machines for smaller size units available on request.
  • Line only used about 11 times.  Includes the following:  Stainless Vertical Glass washer with power feed, Low e brushes, lights on discharge side and much more; deluxe application table with squaring lines; heated roller press with 5 pair of rollers, adjustable temperature and speed, and easy adjustable thickness; four station automatic argon gas filling machine.  Equipment is in new condition.

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    Get all brand new equipment at a huge savings! Package includes: A Vertical Stainless Steel glass washer with power feed in and out, auto stop, inspection lights, Built in Low e tester, low e brushes and much more. Horizontal washer available at same price. Air float application table air/ Vac, and 7 squaring rams. Heated roller press with speed and temperature adjustments and 5 pair of rollers. Four station argon gas filling system,

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    Reduce your wait time for units and cut your costs by 50% or more.  Easy to build allowing you to control your quality and speed. System includes a 60" Vertical Glass washer with stainless steel in the wet area, power glass conveyors with auto stop, Low e brushes, adjustable water temperature in wash tank,and high speed drying system; (a horizontal washer is available at same price)  a  63" X 78" application table, with air float/ air vac top with 7 squaring rams to insure square units; a  60" Cold Roll Press with adjustable speed and thickness; and a Hot Melt speed gunning system which includes Pump, Hose, Gun and table. Tape dispenser system and hand tools available from tape supplier representative. A huge saving for a limited time only If pieces purchased separately would cost $68,438

    Lease for only $1,022.

  • Easy to run. Have your sealed units same day or night.  NO WAITING.  Reduce your unit costs by 50% or more.  Uses warm edge tape spacer.  Spacer is a single part including desiccant, shim and sealant. System consists of: Stainless Steel (in wet areas) 60" fast drying glass washer with low e brushes, heated wash water with adjustable temperature; air float table for ease of moving the glass; has 4 squaring rams for accurate placement of the top piece of glass;  a 5' X 6'  Tape Spacer application table with 6" adjustable vacuum cup; air float table; spacer reel stand; a heated roller press with 5 sets of rollers (handles sealed units up to 78" x 120") and argon gas filling equipment. Simple adjustments allow to set different spacer sizes.  Easy to operate system with adjustable temperature control and conveyor control. INCLUDED IS OUR WORLD FAMOUS INSTAGLASS SYSTEM WHICH ALLOWS YOU TO INSTANTLY INSTALL YOUR SEALED UNIT WITHOUT WAITING AND HAVE THE RISK OF FAILURE CAUSED BY HANDLING A GREEN UNIT BEFORE IT IS STABLE. The Instaglass system also fills the insulated glass unit with argon gas.

    Lease for $1,064.50

  • Get started with making your own quality sealed units.  Consists of: one side Roller press with 7 squaring rams.  Roller press system has six pairs of heat-resisting rubber rollers.  Minimum size unit: 200 mm x 200 mm.  Maximum unit size: 54".  Automatic temperature control:  up to 400 C.
  • Designed for use with metal spacer.  Power: 220 Volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 26.5 kw. Maximum glass size: 96" X 130".  Minimum glass size:  16" X 11". Maximum thickness of insulated glass 2 11/64".  Working speed: 26′ to 150′ per minute.  Weight: 17,600 pounds.  Dimensions: 74' X 8 1/2' X  11'. The line includes: Stainless steel ( in wet areas) washer with 6 Low e brushes HD washer.  Drop down spacer application table. Grid application area.  A marrying area where the top of unit is applied to the spacer.  Roller press.  Drop down castor table.  Back fill gunning table.  All the electronics are brand name such as Panasonic. This automatic system can produce 600 pieces of glass in 8 hours The system is available in 60", 72", 84" and 96" with prices starting at only $ 96,500.00.  The 96" high unit at $125,900.

    Leasing available from $1,995