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Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

Max. glass cutting size: 2000x2500mm

Min. glass cutting size: 200x200mm

Cutting glass thickness: 3+0.38+3 ~ 10+3.04+10mm

Cutting efficiency 3 to 4 mins/ big piece

Cutting error(Parallel) < 0.5mm

Diagonal error <1mm

Cutter life: 30000-50000 meters

Workers: 1-2 person depending on the size of the glass

Temperature and time heating: Adjust by operator

Pressure of pushing and breaking: Adjust by smc proportional control valve

Priced at only $49,970.00 or lease for only $1100.00 PM oac

What  a deal

GED Automatic XYZ Glass cutting System

-Has a air float free fall table

-Has a Bridge cutting system table

-Has a full break out table

-Was in good condition when taken from service

-Ready to go

-Will handle glass as large as 108 X 144

An excellent buy at only $19,995.00 or lease for $450.00 PM oac

CNC Automatic Glass Cutting System

2060 Automatic Glass cutting and loading system

-Highly integrated system which improves productivity and reduces labor and material  costs

-Very automated and Intelligent us  inf CNC system

-Air float to take glass in and out of cutter

-Simple to use and elegant design reduces simplified operation and management

-Very low maintenance costs

-Max cutting size is 80″ X 100″

-Min cutting size is 4″ X 4″

Model 3624 is a larger version of this system

-Cuts glass 142″ X 96″

CNC loading and cuting machine

Model 2620  $63,250.00  or lease for $1340. PM oac

Model 3624  $78,200.00  or lease for $1640. PM oac