Reduce your wait time for units and cut your costs by 50% or more.  Easy to build allowing you to control your quality and speed.

System includes a 60″ Vertical Glass washer with stainless steel in the wet area, power glass conveyors with auto stop, Low e brushes, adjustable water temperature in wash tank,and high speed drying system; (a horizontal washer is available at same price)  a  63″ X 78″ application table, with air float/ air vac top with 7 squaring rams to insure square units; a  60″ Cold Roll Press with adjustable speed and thickness; and a Hot Melt speed gunning system which includes Pump, Hose, Gun and table.

Tape dispenser system and hand tools available from tape supplier representative.

A huge saving for a limited time only If pieces purchased separately would cost $68,438

Lease for only $1,022.